Would you like feedback and suggestions for improving your website?


Du hast schon eine Website, bist aber irgendwie unzufrieden damit?


Deine Website bringt dir keine Kunden und du hast keine Ahnung, warum?


Du bastelst gerade an deiner Website, aber dir fehlen Struktur und Klarheit?


Du bist unzufrieden mit dem Aussehen oder der Gliederung deiner Website?


Du möchtest wissen, was du am Aufbau deiner Website verbessern kannst, wie du sie benutzerfreundlicher und suchmaschinenfreundlicher gestalten kannst, um mehr Kunden zu gewinnen?


Gibt es ein spezielles Thema in Bezug auf deine Website, wo du dir Feedback von einem Profi wünscht?


Dir fehlt der Blick oder einfach auch das Wissen, wo deine Website Verbesserungspotential hat?

Would you like feedback and suggestions for improving your website?

That’s what you can expect from the website check:


Your website will be reviewed for clarity, clarity, structure, usability, design and online marketing measures.


You know where optimization potential exists and can work through the mentioned points step by step.


Your website will be more appealing, clearer and more readable to your visitors.


You know how to better reach your website goal (eg, winning customers).


You keep full control because you decide for yourself which of these suggestions you would like to implement.

My offer

I take your site under the microscope and you make a list of suggestions for improvement . For this I do not need access to your website.

For the analysis of your website I take 2 hours. In doing so, I focus my attention on the most important points that I have

  • Clarity and intelligibility (understand you your visitors? What is missing? What is unclear?)
  • Effect (what effect does your website have on your visitors?)
  • Structure (how is the website structured? Is it easy to navigate?)
  • Customer approach (do you speak the language of your customers?)
  • Ease of use  (do visitors find what they are looking for?)
  • Search engine optimization  (what should you pay attention to?)
  • Design and optics  (does the target group feel comfortable here and is it contemporary?)
  • Achievement of objectives (what goal you want to achieve – what can you do?)
  • Marketing aspects (what is there to consider here?)


The optimization points you get in the connection in a clear and easy-to-understand listing. You can implement these directly.

In addition, we meet for about 30 minutes. to a personal conversation on Zoom, where we go through the above points via screen transfer.

Feel free to let me know if you have a specific topic that you would like specific feedback on. I respond to your individual questions. 

Now for the introductory price of 240 EUR plus. Book VAT

The payment is made via my payment provider Digistore24.com
If you do not want to do that, please let me know and I’ll issue you an invoice.

For whom is the offer suitable? 

For sole proprietors and small businesses whose clients are sole proprietors or private 

individuals. Especially for service providers, craftsmen, coaches, consultants.

(Not for shops, magazines, blogs, affiliate pages)

Price excl. VAT. The charge is made through my payment provider Digistore24.com

Customer Testimonials 

What is the Procedure ? 

1. You book a website check the book button on this website

2. You will be asked about your website so that I know about you and the background.

3. I check your website for 2 hours and write everything that strikes me.

4. Then I create a clear and understandable summary with the optimization suggestions for you.

5. You will receive the results as a list by e-mail.

6. In addition, we meet for a 30-minute conversation on the Zoom Platform, where we discuss the points again in person. Via screen transfer, we can go through your website together.

Secure my know how


Now for the cheap introduction of

Euro 240, –

plus. VAT.


Write to (at) volkancivelek.com